More than 300 tickets issued during seasonal parking ban

More than 300 tickets issued during seasonal parking ban

After scraping ice and snow from the streets, the city has called off a seasonal parking ban, just as balmy weather returns to Edmonton.

The parking ban, which went into effect on Monday after a few days of heavy snowfall, ended at 7 a.m. Tuesday.

"We issued 321 tickets, which is a really good number compared to the most recent comparable ban in November 2015, when we issued 750," parking enforcement coordinator Erin Blaine said in a news release.

Citizens are understanding better the role they play in helping snow-clearing crews do their work, Blaine added.

"Edmontonians were, as a whole, very good about abiding by parking restrictions during the ban."

The last parking ban was on Dec. 27, 2016. At the time, the city didn't give out tickets or tow vehicles '"in the spirit of the Christmas holiday season." However, this time, officials promised the bylaw would be enforced.

Environment Canada's forecast for Edmonton says the weather will remain mild throughout the week. Tuesday is expected to see an afternoon high of 4 C.