Seattle-area plane crash caught on camera

A dash cam captured the moment when an airplane went down outside of Seattle, creating a fiery scene followed by massive clouds of smoke.

The incident happened on May 2 in near Paine Field airport in Everett, Wash., which is located nearly 40 kilometres north of Seattle. Since being published on YouTube more than a week ago, the video has gone viral, receiving more than a million views.

In the video, Guanting Li is waiting in traffic to make a left-hand turn in his vehicle when the single-engine Piper PA32 starts veering downwards from the sky. The dash cam on his vehicle managed to capture footage of the plane’s dramatic descent. The silent video shows the plane clipping power lines, which cause a spark. Then the plane spews massive fireballs behind it as it crashes into the street. Cars ahead of Li begin to clear the road, driving off to the side.

According to police, the pilot lost power to the plane after taking off and wasn’t able to restart the engine. He spotted a clearing as he started going down and steered the plane in that direction.

There were approximately 9,000 people without power in the area as a result of the crash, but remarkably, no one was injured.