Sebastien Toutant scores X Games slopestyle bronze

Canada's Sebastien Toutant used a strong second run to take home the bronze medal in the snowboard slopestyle at the XGames in Oslo, Norway, on Friday.

Toutant scored an 84.00 to join Sweden's Sven Throgren and Norway's Stale Sandbech on the men's podium.

Canadian teammates Mark McMorris finished in sixth while Max Parrot was eighth.

Spencer O'Brien was the lone Canadian female in the field and finished fifth in the women's slopestyle final.

Toutant's second run featured a technical rail section before a jump trio of a cab 1260 nose grab, backside 1440 mute, and a frontside double cork 1080.

You can see more of Toutant on Saturday at 2 p.m. ET in Building A Snowboarder's Dream, a behind-the-scenes documentary about a custom-built snowboard course created by Toutant, Mark and Craig McMorris.