Second case of travel-related measles confirmed

Public health officials have confirmed a second case of travel-released measles and they're advising people in the Digby area they might have been exposed.

Dr. Lynda Earle, a regional medical officer of health for the provincial health authority, said in a news release the case is linked to an earlier one discovered last week.

"It's quite a contagious virus, so not unusual that we would have more cases identified and through public awareness and our contact tracing, we're aiming to keep that number down."

Health officials say people in the Digby area might have been exposed to measles at the following sites on the following dates:

- Dockside Restaurant on March 17.

- Roof Hound Brewing Company on March 17 and 18.

- Sunset Pub on March 17.

Anyone at those locations on those dates may develop symptoms between now and April 11, according to the news release. Symptoms include fever, a red blotchy rash on the face that spreads down the body and small white spots inside the mouth and throat.

People with symptoms are asked to call 811 or their public health office.

The health authority said these two cases are not linked to an outbreak that affected seven people last month.