The secret ingredient to perfect brownies is … black beans?

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Do black beans belong in brownies? According to an otherwise very nice-looking grandma on TikTok, they do.

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I know I say that a lot throughout my Tried It! episodes, but this might be the worst baking suggestion I’ve ever come across. Apparently, you can substitute eggs and oil with black beans with boxed brownie mix and it will taste delicious.

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Babs on TikTok, who introduced me to this concept, swears “nobody will ever know.” Debatable!

How to cook black bean brownies

Preheat your oven and pour the brownie mix into a bowl. According to Babs, you’ll want to rinse your black beans before putting them in a blender with three tablespoons of coffee.

Add the beans to your brownie mix and stir. Add another quarter cup of coffee, and then move the batter to a pan for the oven.

Are black bean brownies actually good?

I do not like to be proven wrong. I still boldly stand by the claim I made in third grade when I announced that donuts are gross, even though I now live near a Krispy Kreme, and it sometimes smells very good.

But readers, these brownies were delicious. I’m not sure where the recipe came from or who first came up with it, but I could not taste anything but chocolatey goodness. The tray did not last more than a few days in my kitchen because every time I walked by, I thought, “I deserve some legumes right now.”

I also read that black beans are great for other brownie recipes as a replacement for flour, so any celiacs with a sweet tooth should also consider trying it out.

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