You need to see this close-up shot of Adele’s makeup

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been fawning over all of Adele’s gorgeous beauty looks ever since she stepped back into the spotlight.

We’ve had the Someone Like You singer nail that popular TikTok blusher trend. Then there was the razor-sharp winged eyeliner in her Easy On Me music video, which was swiftly followed by some impressive 60s-inspired backcombed hair (the secret was a £25 hair product).

And let’s not forget the incredible smoky eye she had during her An Audience With Adele performance. After a teary reunion with her English teacher, her makeup artist Anthony H. Nguyen was thankfully on hand to fix it with his clever technique.

The latest look to leave us in awe? Adele’s makeup for the NRJ Music Awards in France. For her performance the singer had a gorgeous dark smoky eye.

Adele posted some pictures on Instagram of the performance, which included a close-up of her makeup being touched up and honestly, all I can say is: WOW.

In the pic, Adele has dark smoky eyeshadow running along her crease and her lower lash line, along with super defined, fluttery eyelashes. But it’s her signature winged eyeliner I can’t stop staring at.

Her eyeliner is super thick along her entire eyelid before being swept up into a thin and steeply-angled wing. This type of close-up shot is the stuff of dreams because it gives me something to try (emphasis on the try) and copy. Swipe to the third picture to see it yourself:

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate all of the looks Anthony has completely slayed in the last couple of months? I hope he has some annual leave booked in…

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