See Paris Jackson in her movie debut in 'Gringo' clip

Paris Jackson’s father may have been the King of Pop (we’re talking about the legendary Michael, he of Thriller and Bad superstardom), but the music icon’s 19-year-old daughter has chosen to make her own name in the entertainment industry as an actress. That process begins in earnest on Friday with her feature debut, Gringo, a wild crime saga from director Nash Edgerton that stars David Oyelowo as a corporate employee who finds himself in deep trouble after traveling to Mexico to oversee the manufacturing of his company’s new medical-marijuana pill, only to get kidnapped by a local drug cartel. Ahead of the film’s theatrical bow, we now have a first look at Jackson’s maiden big-screen turn.

In the scene above, Jackson’s Nelly — sporting dark lipstick, a collection of tattoos, and a nose ring — does her best to persuade Harry Treadaway’s character, Miles, to join her on a jaunt to Mexico for some sort of shady business. While Miles is more than a bit hesitant to embark on this journey, he’s ultimately swayed by the promise of a $20,000 payday, as well as by the fact that he can bring along Sunny, a music store employee played by Amanda Seyfried — all of which Nelly offers with an alluring smile that suggests there’s more to this deal than she’s revealing to Miles.

Even in this short scene, Jackson shows a confidence that bodes well for her future big-screen prospects. You can see her in action in the brief scene above, and catch Gringo (co-starring Joel Edgerton, Charlize Theron, Thandie Newton, and Sharlto Copley) in multiplexes beginning Friday, March 9.

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