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See why 65,000 fans love this comfy gel-filled seat cushion — it's 40% off in this ongoing Cyber Monday deal

If your office chair is uncomfortable and the car gives you backaches during long road trips, you might need to give your bum some TLC. Enter the ComfiLife Memory Foam Seat Cushion. This little wonder is like sitting on a cloud, and it's designed specifically to relieve aches and pains in your posterior. Right now, as part of a we-can't-believe-you-can-still-get-this Cyber Monday deal, it's only $37.

With a non-slip rubber bottom, easy-wash cover and memory foam interior, this cushion will stay cool and help you stay comfortable on long road trips, at sporting events, and much more. 

$44 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

You can't put a price on comfort, and this seat cushion is worth it even not on sale — but we like to save, and we know you do too. It's almost 40% off.

Why do I need this?

ComfiLife claims that this is the most comfortable cushion on the market, and over 63,000 people agree. It's easy to see why, though — even the picture looks comfy! It supports your tailbone to relieve pressure while also encouraging healthy posture. This is particularly useful for driving, when you might start to slouch after long periods on the road.

Since it's portable — and more importantly, washable — this is a great companion for sporting events. Almost everyone has sat on uncomfortable bleachers at some point or another, and that can do a number on your back. There's even a built-in handle for carrying it where you need to go. (And in this heat, having something to sit on besides hot metal bleachers is a blessing.)

memory foam seat cushion
Bleachers beware: this memory foam seat cushion is here to save the day.

What reviewers say

One fan raved that this was a total game changer. "As a doctoral student, I spent countless hours at my desk reading and writing and researching. This pillow has been a total lifesaver for my back and legs. I have had 4 back surgeries, a spinal cord stimulator, plus nerve damage in my lower back and legs — THIS PILLOW is the best I have found to support my lumbar spine and correct my posture. Making sure your chair is properly adjusted for your height matters significantly, too. I would buy this again and again, in fact I might, just so I have one at both of my offices (home and school). Oh, to make it more aesthetically pleasing you can always put the pillow in a cute pillowcase."

"Lifesaver," another said. "I’ve had sciatica and a pinched nerve in my right side for months now. Two weeks ago the pain spiraled out off control. After a trip to the ER and pain meds I bought this. Game changer. Def worth getting. Wish I had it sooner. I had no issues sitting until recently. Seeing the specialist soon, but in the meantime my pillow goes with me!"

One office worker mentioned how much better it made their workday: "I have used this right over a year now, and while it is starting to show its wear as it is compressing some, I have used it every single day for multiple hours most days, and it feels much better than the seat of my office chair, it does seem to help ease back pain a little, and overall has worked really well so far, when this one wears out I will probably buy another."

"No more back pain!" echoed another fan. "I had been dealing with lower back pain, especially when I was at work in my work chair. I started using this cushion in addition to stretching multiple times a day and my low back pain is gone! I do like the cooling feeling as well. I would definitely recommend this cushion!"

One user did warn warn about winter weather: "The only downside is that the gel can be a bit cold when I first sit after a few hours of not using the cushion. The gel quickly warms up and stays warm for a long time if I leave my seat for a while. I'm very pleased with my purchase and recommend this product."

If sitting is a pain, try one of these cushions. 

$44 at Amazon

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Aside from their fab price (40% off!), we love the real-time power readout on the front of the case of these earbuds, making it so much easier than pulling out your phone and swiping to find out how much charge is left. The top number shows how much juice is in the case, while the two smaller indicators show readings for each bud. Pretty smart! But that's not their only innovative feature: These buds have everything you'd expect in a quality pair. On-ear controls let you answer calls, skip songs and activate Siri. They also have multiple sound modes to pick from. Nearly 8,000 five-star fans can't be wrong, right?

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$130 at Target

This No. 1 bestselling, TikTok-famous compact carpet cleaner packs a punch, especially considering it weighs less than 10 pounds! Its powerful suction can be used to remove stains not just from rugs, but furniture and even car upholstery, too. Plus, it comes with a self-cleaning hose tool and a bottle of Bissell's Spot & Stain with Febreeze. We haven't seen this viral cleaner priced much lower than it currently is in years (it was only a few bucks cheaper back in July for Prime Day) — and when you consider how much money it'll save you in professional cleaning bills (and replacement furniture), it'll pay for itself in just a few uses.

$89 at Amazon

Been dreaming of owning one of these bad boys? This classic model is $90 off and the best price we're seeing online!

$240 at Amazon

At just about half a pound, this topseller is like an ultra-lightweight extension of your arm — and what it lacks in heft, it certainly makes up for in dexterity. With this handy grabber tool, you'll be able to grasp hard-to-reach items above and below with ease. The durable metal rod extends as far as 32 inches for easy reaching and folds down for space-saving storage when not in use. Its rubber claws ensure a secure hold, and its grips are also equipped with magnets for lifting metallic items small and large.

$10 at Amazon

Keep your feet nice and toasty with these No. 1 bestselling wool socks, which come in the cutest colors and prints. They're soft and warm, yet breathable, and at over 50% off, they'd make perfect stocking stuffers (though you should definitely get a pack for yourself, too!). 

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With its 6-quart capacity, this gorgeous air fryer can hold enough food for five to seven people, yet its small footprint won't take up too much space on your counter. Its patent-pending TurboCrisp technology helps ensure quick, even cooking with that crunch factor we all crave (though you'll be able to cook with as much as 75% less fat than deep-frying). The user-friendly touchscreen lights up while in use and features time and temperature settings (from 90-400 degrees Fahrenheit), as well as four functions: Air Fry, Roast, Reheat and Dehydrate, the latter of which is a cool feature that isn't always included with air fryers.

$69 at Walmart

Crest Whitestrips rarely drop in price unless it's a big sales event, and as far as we can tell, they haven't been much cheaper all year. Brighter smile, here you come (and for over 40% off!). 

$32 at Amazon

This No. 1 bestseller is over 60% off — one of its lowest prices ever — and comes with just about every type of blade a home cook could need. Henckels has been crafting quality knives for over a century, so you can rest assured they know what they're doing. 

$130 at Amazon

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$133 at Amazon

This multi-use hair tool rarely goes on sale, and while it's certainly not cheap, it's currently down to the lowest price we've ever seen. With attachments for curling, smoothing, shaping and more, it'll feel like you have your own little handheld salon. 

$480 at Amazon

These No. 1 bestsellers are fluffy, breathable and down to one of their best prices in years ($18 a pop!). They're rarely marked down unless there's a big sales event, like Black Friday or Prime Day, so we'd advice adding them to your cart ASAP. 

Save $24 with coupon
$37 at Amazon

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