Why Selena Gomez might be getting rid of the dress from 'Back to You'

Selena Gomez (Photo: Back to You/Interscope)

It’s never a bad idea to purge your closet once in a while, right? Selena Gomez decided to make a little more space in hers on a wild (not wild) Friday night in, which she documented on her Instagram Stories. She announced to fans that she’d like to give away the flashy vintage dress she wore at the beginning of the video for “Back to You.”

“OK, this is my dress that I wore for the ‘Back to You’ music video, and I kind of want to give it away to someone,” Gomez says in a video as her friend holds up the multicolored sequined dress adorned at the sleeves and skirt with neon-green feathers. “So, if you want this dress, let me know, ’cause I will just send it along to you, because it has no use being in my closet whatsoever.”

Of all the items in her wardrobe, why this one? We’ll give in to the temptation to speculate.

The summer hit “Back to You” is about a girl who is clearly still in love with an ex who repeatedly breaks her heart. It’s from the soundtrack to 13 Reasons Why, which she produced, but it’s hard not to assume that this is really about her relationship with Justin Bieber. It came out a few months after the world realized Jelena was on a break, and only a few weeks before Bieber got back with another ex, Hailey Baldwin.

If the song truly was about Bieber, then it must have stung for Gomez to watch it soaring the charts just as his engagement to Baldwin became public in July. It doesn’t take a leap of the imagination to assume that the confirmation of Bieber and Baldwin’s marriage would inspire a bit of a purge of items that remind her of him.

Or, Gomez is a completely practical and independent woman who knows she won’t ever wear that dress in public. She has other things to wear, especially now that she’s collaborating with Coach.

We’re really curious about how Gomez will choose the lucky recipient of this dress, because there’s no doubt her DMs are packed with requests.

As a bonus, perhaps at her friend’s prompting, Gomez added that she’ll also give away a figure skating outfit that’s hanging unused in the closet. This is possibly a sadder situation than the feathered dress.

“The story behind this outfit — with a matching scrunchie, might I add — was that I decided that I was going to be an ice skater for two days,” she explained. “That didn’t really work out.”

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