Senator Irked By How Senate Has No Farmers, Fishers, Or Veterans

Zi-Ann Lum
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    the senate is a reward for loyal party followers. Good Luck getting a working man or woman in there.
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    Excellent observation. But the answer is obvious: to the alt-left liberals "diversity" only includes favourable voting optics groups.
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    Farmers don't travel in the right circles, they're on their farmers working. That said it seems like there's a much smaller club and that it's you're in or you're not. Nowhere is there true representation of the regular people of Canada.
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    This is good. I know of just the farmer you need to hire. Where does he sign up.
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    There are no plumbers in the Senate either. Strange that because the amount of S$%t that comes out of Parliament hill, you'd figure that the pipes get backed up once in a while.
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    Bobby B
    There are no farmers in the Senate because the vast bulk live in the West and DO NOT vote Liberal.
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    Hardly enough land in the senate to farm I'ed say.
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    Wat Taylor
    The senate should be democratic or better yet abolished.
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    Romeo Dallaire is a veteran.
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    Haha, I misread the headline as "why aren't there any senators in the Senate?"