Seniors advocacy group looking for input on brochure

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The Frontenac-Kingston Council on Aging is seeking business participation as they attempt to put together a brochure that should be a useful tool for aging in place.

The Council has a focus on senior advocacy and educating seniors on living and adapting in the community.

One of their major programs that has been popular since COVID is the Sunshine Call program where volunteers were assigned to seniors and talk on the phone to keep them company.

Their newest initiative, headed by Teresa Petrocco, looks to compile information from a variety of businesses in town to let seniors know what kind of accessible services are being offered.

It will help seniors navigate what has services like delivery, curb side pick up or in home help with certain things.

Ava Lacey, a volunteer for the Council, says the group is looking to reduce frustration for seniors as some businesses have and may continue to alter their services as things open up more.

"Maybe a lot of businesses were offering these extra services because they recognized that a lot of people didn't want to leave their homes or wanted curb side pickup," Lacey said.

"But they might not be offering them when everything's open, so that's why we're doing this to just avoid all that confusion"

The Council is currently looking for businesses help to help seniors, asking them to fill out this form which can take as little as a couple minutes to complete.

The more businesses that participate in the program the more effective it will be, and Lacey says it should be a helpful tool for aging in place initiatives.

She says that aging in place can help the elderly to reduce social isolation and increase independence.

"Losing that independence is a very big deal for older adults, so our goal with aging in place is to lengthen that as much as possible."

Lacey's co-volunteer, Dryden Chadwick, added that although geared towards seniors the brochure could be useful to a number of people.

When ready it will be available online and in print form, and the council is hopeful it can be distributed and available at a number of businesses especially places like health clinics.

Owen Fullerton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, YGK News

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