Separated families embrace at U.S.-Mexico border

For three minutes, Jaqueline Sosa emotionally hugged her sister and nephew whom she had not seen for three years.

"I didn't tell her much, I just hugged her, and that's all. I hugged her and told her that I loved her very much and loved them very much," Sosa said.

In the last eight years "Hugs Not Walls" event allows Mexican immigrants with irregular status and unable to return to Mexico an opportunity to meet with their families for a few minutes on the riverbed that marks the frontier.

The event is hosted by the Border Network for Human Rights. This year almost 200 families attended the reunion.

After speeches from the organizers, both sides rushed together for three minutes of tearful hugs, embraces, and excited face-to-face conversations.

Those moments were fleeting however and they separated again amid tears and sadness hoping their paths will someday cross again.

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