Sergio Brown allegedly seen partying in Tulum three weeks after mother’s murder

 (Family handout)
(Family handout)

A man resembling former NFL player Sergio Brown was spotted partying in Tulum, Mexico on Sunday — three weeks after his mother was found dead in an Illinois creek.

As authorities probe 73-year-old Myrtle Brown’s death — which a coroner ruled a homicide from assault injuries — the former football safety was allegedly dancing in red Nike swim trunks at a Tulum club, TMZ reported. The Independent has not independently verified the footage.

One source told the outlet that Mr Brown was at the club for hours, where he was chatting and buying drinks for people.

The revelation comes weeks after missing persons reports were filed for both Mr Brown and his mother.

Just hours after family members filed the missing person reports, family members discovered the 73-year-old’s body in a creek just 100 yards from her Maywood, Illinois home.

Mr Brown’s whereabouts have been elusive since he was last seen by family members. An Instagram account — which appeared to be linked to the former football player — showed strange videos of Mr Brown. The Tulum, Mexico footage, if verified to be him, might prove useful, as police previously thought one of his videos was filmed in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

In other videos, Mr Brown could be seen calling his mother’s death “fake news” and seemed to be mocking reports that he was “missing” by quoting Finding Nemo.

This account as well as his official Instagram account seemed to have been taken down last week.

The Independent has reached out to Maywood Police.