After series of delays, Liard First Nation elections scheduled for June

'We assert our title' says Liard First Nation chief at economic development conference

The Liard First Nation in Yukon is promising an election in June, six months after the end of a three-year term for chief and council.

Elections were initially supposed to happen in December, before being delayed to April. 

The last time around, 20 people had put their names forward to run for chief, deputy chief and council seats. However the process was cancelled when a newly-hired chief returning officer, Lois Moorcroft, suddenly resigned.

A note from the First Nation's Election Committee says it has now hired a new chief returning officer, Colleen Craft, who will replace Moorcroft. 

The election committee promises a Notice of Election will be published this Friday, which will start a 31-day nomination process. 

During the last nomination process there were complaints about specific rules, such as requiring people to apply in person on a specific day.

Four people announced their plans to run for chief in April: Dorothy Hayes, George Morgan, Don Magun and current chief Daniel Morris. 

The matter of the election is still the subject of a Statement of Claim in the Federal Court of Canada. A group of community members were initially hoping the court would block chief and council from accessing any further funding when their term ended in December.

The matter has not yet been heard, other than the court requesting updates on the status on the election.