Seth MacFarlane calls Fox 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' while revealing new 'Family Guy' vaccine PSA

Seth MacFarlane joined Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, where he revealed the new Family Guy vaccination PSA. In it, Stewie and Brian address Peter’s vaccine hesitancy, taking on common excuses people give for not getting vaccinated, then providing fact-based information dispelling those misconceptions.

Acknowledging the dichotomy between the information given by his characters from Family Guy, a Fox property, and vaccine conspiracies pushed by some at Fox News, MacFarlane compared Fox to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He went on to speak about how he views the news side of Fox compared to the entertainment side.

“You see on the news side, they obviously are in, you know, their imaginary fairyland,” MacFarlane said. “And then you have the entertainment side that’s like, ‘Alright, we gotta exist with these people, so let's be political and let’s make the best of it.’”

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