Sexsmith candidate forum gives voice to candidates

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The Sexsmith and District Chamber of Commerce hosted a forum for the candidates running for Sexsmith council last Thurdsday.

The event was a virtual one, with approximately 21 viewers. A video has been posted on the chamber’s Facebook page.

All the candidates including Daycie Bohning and incumbents Bruce Black, Clinton Froehlick, Ken Hildebrand, Jonathan Siggelkow, Isak Skjaveland and were present except for Dennis Stredulinsky (incumbent) who sent in a video of his pre-recorded answers.

The event was moderated by Jennifer (Caseley) Ireson, chamber president.

Hildebrand was asked about the washboard road conditions on the gravel streets.

He said that it had been brought up to council, and they have been adding gravel to the roads, and work is ongoing.

Black and Stredulinsky were asked how to keep shoppers in Sexsmith instead of going to the city.

Black said he wants to promote economic development by finding developers within town to help expand the needs of residents.

Stredulinsky said he wants more businesses in Sexsmith, whether those be industrial or small and medium businesses. He added he will support “anything” that will help move that forward.

Froehlick was asked about snow removal that could be more speedy and cost-effective. He replied that this is an issue council has looked over and is always open to a more economical way of doing things; he said he is “open to hearing about it” from residents with alternative solutions.

Skjaveland was asked about street parking in the Forest Grove area, where people often keep their travel trailers in their driveways. Skjaveland said that he has been trying to work on the issue for several years as he, too, doesn’t like seeing all the cars parked there for days at a time.

After being queried about her business background, Bohning said she has worked at multiple companies in Sexsmith and has worked as an educational assistant at the elementary school. She is currently pursuing her education degree.

Siggelkow was asked about plans to extend arena ice time at the arena. Though he said there is no plan for that currently, Siggelkow noted he is always open to hearing ideas.

He added that the town needs to always look at doing new things and wants to see better outdoor rinks in the town like the one in Bezanson.

Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News

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