New Sexsmith councillor ready for the job

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Daycie Bohning is the newest member of Sexsmith town council after receiving a ringing endorsement at the Oct. 18 municipal election. Bohning came in with 279 votes just behind incumbent Clint Froehlick with 303 votes.

She is joining a council of experienced elected officials but thinks she will bring a bit more diversity as the only female councillor as well as representing a younger demographic.

Bohning spoke with Town & Country News ahead of her first council meeting Monday.

Entering the role is intimidating, she said, but everyone has been very supportive and welcoming.

“My first priority is learning the things that I don't know and being open to suggestions,” she said.

She said that even though council meetings are open to the public, she wants to ensure that she gives feedback to residents on what is happening in the chambers and brings their concerns and comments back to council.

Moving forward, Bohning said she wants to explore options for waste removal in town.

She noted that after visiting Taber, she noted it had a three-bin system for garbage, recycling and compost.

She said that she’s heard from people already about their yard trimmings (compost) taking up to much space in the garbage bin.

“I really want to look into that for sure,” she said.

Bohning was raised in Sexsmith and has mostly stuck around town most of her life.

She and her husband Ricky are raising her two children in Sexsmith.

“I've never missed a Chautauqua Day in the 33 years I have lived here,” smiles Bohning.

She has worked in many businesses around town, including the grocery store, the arena and Tags.

Bohning recently worked as an educational assistant at the elementary school and is now at GPRC working toward an education degree.

She encourages residents to speak to her when they see her out at a hockey game, or contact her if they have concerns.

“I want to do the best job I can,” said Bohning.

Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News

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