Sexual assault case set for court — 10 years later

Roxanne Roy accused David Murphy of sexual assault in 2007 but was told by people in the judicial system that she didn't have enough proof and would surely lose in court. 

Roy sat in a Caraquet court on Wednesday morning, prepared to face her alleged assailant, but the matter was put off until June. Murphy couldn't get to court because of the weather.

"I'm sad because I thought it would be done today and I could live normally," she said.

"But the more I wait, the more I wonder if it will be adjourned again next time."

It has been 10 years since the alleged assault.

Roy's file was reopened in 2015 when a new prosecutor took an interest in the case.

Murphy was charged, but his trial has been put off several times.

"The first time the judge decided we would change locations, so there was a change of date" Roy said.

"Then they lacked documents, so we couldn't proceed because information was missing."

In February 2016, Roy told Radio-Canada she was suffering mental health issues because of her treatment by the judicial system.

She claimed the process was too slow and hoped her story would raise awareness of the psychological impact of the judicial system on victims.

She has not seen or heard from the accused in a decade.

"I see a psychologist because it's tough for me to live with all this," said Roy, who is unable to work. "I can't even do normal things in life."

The trial was rescheduled for June 26 and June 30.

"It's me who lives with this."Roy said.

"It's been extremely long. It's hell."