Shake Shack Is Giving Aways Free Burgers, Thanks to the Oscars Run Time

It's all thanks to the Academy Awards going under the popular burger chain's 211-minute prediction.

<p>Shake Shack</p>

Shake Shack

Shake Shack is giving away free SmokeShacks all this week, thanks to the Oscars.

Here’s why: Perhaps in an attempt to dethrone In-N-Out as the burger destination of choice for post-award attendees, the popular New York-based burger chain announced last week that it was offering a giveaway based on the award show’s run time. “Join us for an award-worthy guessing game during Hollywood’s Biggest Night! How long will Tinseltown’s grandest spectacle last? Will it be an epic marathon or a swift sprint?” Shake Shack wrote on its website.

According to the official announcement, Shake Shack “crunched the numbers” and predicted that the Oscars ceremony would last three hours and 31 minutes. The calculation, which was determined by the marketing agency Known, “incorporated both recency-weighted time series and ‘show-component’ (e.g., host, presentations, performances, ads, etc.) analysis to predict length based on publicly available data.”

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If the telecast went over the Shake Shack’s prediction, customers could get a free Chicken Shack, a bestseller consisting of a “crispy, white-meat chicken breast over lettuce, pickles, and buttermilk herb mayo on a toasted potato bun,” with any purchases totaling at least $10. And if it went under the stipulated 211 minutes, the chain would be offering the SmokeShack instead — another fan favorite that is officially described as a “cheeseburger made from all-natural Angus beef topped with applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry peppers, and ShackSauce.” 

There are a number of conditions to the deal, though. So read carefully. 

The offer starts today and lasts through March 18, and guests will have to place a $10 order using the code “BIGWINS” via a Shake Shack kiosk — or through the chain’s mobile app or website. It’s important to note that you cannot claim a free SmokeShack by ordering at the restaurant counter or through delivery platforms.

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Also, the deal is not available in Shake Shack locations in airports, stadiums, arenas, travel plazas, or museums. And paid add-ons such as bacon and avocado are not included in the deal. You may order one free item per order — but there is no limit to the number of times you can claim the deal throughout the promotional period.

Of course, there were special dispensations for nominees, who were offered free ShackBurgers at   Shake Shack’s West Hollywood location with proof of ID. The branch, which got a “full glam makeover,” was made up with “a red carpet, big bright lights, and many surprise and delight moments” for the weekend.

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