'Shame on Hamilton Police': Injured teenage cyclist ticketed in hospital after being struck by car

Some social media users shocked by 'the audacity of the police to not charge the motorist.'

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Imagine receiving treatment in a hospital after being struck by a car while cycling, and then the police show up to your room and hand you a ticket.

That is precisely what happened to a 16-year-old Hamilton, Ont. cyclist.

Personal injury lawyer Dave Shellnutt took to Twitter providing details of the story which have left many social media users scratching their heads.

The 16-year-old was reportedly biking on a Stoney Creek crosswalk when he was struck by a car. He was taken to a local hospital, and while receiving X-rays, police officers showed up and issued him a ticket for violating a City of Hamilton bylaw.

The bylaw, which the police say he violated, states cyclists must dismount before entering a crosswalk.

Shellnutt told blogTO in an interview that the cyclist had committed an error by cycling on a sidewalk before entering a crosswalk and not dismounting. However, he did not appreciate the way Hamilton police tackled the incident.

“All cyclists should know that it is illegal to bike on the sidewalk or a crosswalk,” Shellnutt told blogTO, adding on “if it makes you feel safe to bike on the sidewalk, do so, but know that entering that intersection is going to be dangerous.”

According to Shellnutt, the teen did not feel safe dismounting. He also noted that the bike lane at site of the collision located near King Street East and Quigley Road did not appear to be hospitable to more experienced cyclists.

The personal injury lawyer took to Twitter shortly after the incident posting a thread, which has since gone viral garnering over 100,000 views.

Twitter users responded with outrage at how Hamilton Police handled the situation.

Some social media users were quick to point out the lack of "safe" cycling routes in the area.

Another user likened Hamilton's roads and drivers to the wild west.

Other users called out the police for their "failure to charge the motorist."

Hamilton Police have doubled down on their position, telling media in an email that bicycles are not allowed on sidewalks at any age.