Shane Mosley says he bet $1 million on himself to beat Canelo Alvarez and lost

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Shane Mosley wasn't going to lose to a "snot nose kid" in 2012. Mosley felt confident enough about that assertion to place a $1 million bet on himself to defeat 21-year-old Canelo Alvarez.

That was a mistake. Mosley lost that fight, and in the process, paid out $400,000 for the beating. 

Mosley revealed that information during an interview with Mario Lopez on Triller's "OK Bet" show, according to TMZ, which has video of the interview.  

As Mosley explained, he was paid $600,000 for the fight and decided to wager $1 million on himself. If Mosley won, he would have received roughly $6 million. Mosley felt confident at the time, saying, "This little snot nose kid is not going to beat me."

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Instead, "I ended up having to pay $400,000 for getting my butt kicked," Mosley said.

Canelo Alvarez defeated Shane Mosley in 2012

Mosley went the distance against Alvarez in 2012, but lost the fight handily once it went to scorecards. 

Mosley had a major age disadvantage during the fight. Alvarez was just 21 at the time of the bout. Mosley was 40. 

Following the fight, Mosley credited Alvarez, saying the kid "can go a long ways" in boxing. That proved to be prescient, as Alvarez has emerged as one of the best boxers in his era.

Canelo Alvarez hits Shane Mosley with a body shot.
Shane Mosley bet on himself and lost. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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