Shannen Doherty claims ex is waiting 'in hopes she die' to avoid paying spousal support

Shannen Doherty has claimed her estranged husband is waiting "in hopes that [she] die" so he doesn't have to pay her spousal support.

The 53-year-old actress - who is battling stage four breast cancer - filed for divorce from Kurt Iswarienko in April 2023 but she has not yet received many of her requests for financial information, which she claimed is delaying the process of finalising their split.

She stated in documents obtained by People magazine: “It is simply not right that Kurt be permitted to prolong our divorce in hopes that I die before he is required to pay me while he continues to live his life and shirk his responsibilities to his dying wife of more than 11 years."

The photographer's own lawyer disputed the claim, arguing he offered a settlement deal in October 2023, which was rejected by the 'Charmed' star.

Attorney Katherine Heersema said: “Kurt is not ‘simply wait[ing] for Shannen to die.

“He wants the best for Shannen and he wants both of them to be able to put this case behind them and move forward.”

Shannen insisted she denied previous proposed settlements because they “skirted around the issues of his original works created during marriage” and “his earning capacity.”

She is seeking $15,434 per month in spousal support, as well as over $9,000 in legal fees, as she claimed her residuals from 'Charmed' are decreasing and she is about to lose her SAG health insurance as a result of not working.

The 'Beverly Hills, 90210' alumni has also had to pay "exorbitant" medical bills for "experimental treatments", costing $21,640 in 2023 alone, and she claims will only increase.

Shannen insisted photographer Kurt can afford to pay, as she alleged he's been splashing the cash on flights and expensive gifts for his agent Collier Grimm, who the actress believes her ex is romantically involved with.

She said: “While I have been unable to work, incurring exorbitant medical expenses not covered by insurance to undergo experimental treatments in hopes of prolonging my life, Kurt has been utilising the airplane, spending thousands of dollars at medical spas, jewellery stores, Gucci, and on flights for his ‘agent’, while simultaneously claiming that he has insufficient funds with which to support me.

“Although Kurt’s income is substantially more than mine, he has not made any temporary spousal support payments and has made no contributions to my attorneys’ or accounting fees and costs since the time our divorce action was filed.”