Sharon Nelson elected chief of Yukon's Selkirk First Nation

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Sharon Nelson is the newly-elected chief of the Selkirk First Nation in Pelly Crossing, Yukon.

An election was held for chief and councillors on Wednesday.

Nelson was taking on Darin Isaac, who received a total of 98 votes, and Tara Roberts, who received 49 votes. Outgoing chief Kevin McGinty didn't run for re-election.

Nelson took the win with a total of 191 votes.

"I had a lot of encouragement from citizens, throughout," she said. 

Nelson has held several positions with the First Nation over the years. She's been executive director, served on committees, and was deputy chief for three years.

She expects the new council to continue the "good work" of the previous council, which she says left the First Nation in good financial shape.

Nelson also wants to develop a strategic plan to help preserve the Northern Tutchone language, for example, with more school instruction.

Another priority, she says, will be "getting handle on what is happening with the mining industry in our traditional territory."

New councillors

Six councillors were also elected.

Milly Johnson was re-elected with the most votes for elder councillor, and Morris Morrison was elected youth councillor.

Members of the First Nation are divided in two clans: Wolf and Crow. Nesta Hager and Teddy Charlie were elected the Crow councillors, while George McGinty and Dean Gill are the Wolf councillors. 

The Selkirk First Nation has about 671 citizens, according to its website, with 40 per cent of its members living in Pelly Crossing.