Shawn Mendes Wants You to Know His Relationship With Camila Cabello Is 'Not a Publicity Stunt'

Alyssa Bailey
Photo credit: BACKGRID


Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello romance skeptics, Mendes has a personal message for you. The singer was interviewed at LAX airport yesterday, the same day he and Cabello had a PDA-filled date out in the city. He was asked straight up whether his and Cabello's relationship was fake and just for PR. (The two started dating shortly after their single "Señorita" came out, conveniently.)

"Look, one last thing, some people say that it’s a publicity stunt, and you say?" the paparazzo asked.

"We’re definitely not a publicity stunt," Mendes replied.

He was also asked about that over-the-top makeout video they posted ("It’s a little bit of a joke, yeah"), whether he's met Cabello's parents ("Camila’s parents I’ve known for a long time"), if they get along ("yeah") and if they've said "I love you" to each other (no response, understandably; that's personal).

But there you have it from the man himself: Stop saying Mendes and Cabello are fake; they're just two kids in love! On their Los Angeles date, things got a little quirky too. Mendes and Cabello were photographed holding hands and kissing at one point, as seen above. Mendes was in a blue t-shirt and black jeans, while Cabello was in a floral black dress.

Then they went to a Halloween store, bought masks (hers was a unicorn and his appeared to be a baby mask), and walked out wearing them while paparazzi took photos and video of them. It was some real festive trolling...and coincidentally, a clever Halloween costume for anyone who wants to be Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello without paying for wigs.

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