She broke a world record by pleasuring herself and squirting over 1 liter. Last night, a 'super-squirter' fought for her title — and won.

Lola Jean is a sex educator based in New York City.
Lola Jean
  • Lola Jean set a world record for squirting 1.25 liters in 25 seconds in September 2019.

  • She defended that title and broke her record on Wednesday night in Brooklyn.

  • Jean said she has a complex relationship with her ability and uses it to get people talking about taboos.

Lola Jean found out she could squirt seven years ago, while receiving oral sex from a partner who pointed it out.

At first, Jean, then aged 26, was intrigued. She'd never heard of squirting — a sexual phenomenon where someone expels a thin, clear, and odorless liquid from their genitals during pleasure. (There's little research on squirting and not everyone has the ability, though some say it's a teachable skill, Insider previously reported.)

But once she realized, it made sense. Jean has soaked through towels, puppy pads, and specially-designed absorbent blankets while receiving pleasure. Her squirting requires significant clean up, so she avoids vacation sex out of fear of ruining a hotel bed, or the mattress in someone's guest room.

That's why Jean, now a sex educator, didn't buy it when two sex researchers told her 900 milliliters was the most a person could squirt in one sitting. So she set out to prove a point.

In September 2019, Jean stood in a wide stance over a bucket in front a crowd of 300 in Brooklyn. On stage among cheers and dropped jaws, she squirted 1,250 milliliters in 25 seconds, using only her hand, and no sex toys or penetration.

In that moment, Jean set a new world record (as far as she and sex researchers are aware) for volume squirting. On Wednesday night, she defended and broke that record at her event Cirque du Squirt at a popular bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn — competing against the clock and squirting more than 1,350 milliliters in 24 seconds.

"It's really just to open people's way of thinking and challenge them through something provocative," Jean, who is 33, told Insider. She wants to create conversations and sex and pleasure, that go beyond what you see on TV or porn.

What is squirting?

Jean doesn't always enjoy her squirting ability.

"Squirting did teach me so much about my body, my pleasure, and the control that I had over that instead of just being a passive recipient," Jean told Insider. "But I also absolutely hate it. I didn't choose this life. This life chose me. I'm just making the best of it."

Jean describes the sensation of squirting as similar to an orgasm, yet distinctly different. It's like when you have to sneeze for 10 minutes and then you finally do and the discomfort fades, Jean told Insider.

Unlike vaginal lubrication, where a person's vagina secretes a white and milky fluid when they're aroused, squirting involves a clear and odorless fluid. Squirting can happen before, during, or after an orgasm. (Jean said she can squirt whether or not she reaches orgasm.)

Lola Jean sold out her 2021 Cirque du Squirt, where 300 people came to watch her set a squirting record.
Lola Jean

It's difficult to estimate how many people can actually squirt due to limited research. In a 2013 review of squirting studies, OB-GYN Dr. Zlatko Pastor wrote that an estimated 10% to 54% of women have reported such abilities. There are a few anecdotal reports of men squirting too, sex researcher Justin Lehmiller told Insider.

In small studies where researchers performed a chemical analysis of squirting liquid, they found chemicals that are also in urine. But there's increasing evidence squirting and female ejaculation are two separate body processes, Insider previously reported.

Some researchers believe people may involuntarily release small amounts of urine while squirting, creating a mixture of fluids. The amount of urine depends on when the person peed last and how hydrated they are, according to New York University sex researcher Zhana Vrangalova.

Some say they learned how to squirt through G-spot stimulation, though there's no data to back up reports that squirting is a teachable skill.

Jean's goal is to spark conversations about sex and pleasure

Lola Jean broke a world record for volume squirting in September 2021, with 1,250 milliliters in 25 seconds.
Lola Jean pictured in September 2021, after breaking the record.Lola Jean

In Jean's experience, squirting hasn't always been a positive experience.

"I wish I could control stopping it. I wish I just didn't do it all the time," Jean said.

Jean doesn't care to know whether squirting liquid is pee or something else, even though it's a topic that continues to baffle sex researchers.

"My body does this all the time, and I feel like people are constantly questioning my body's reality and what's coming out of my body. I just want to be in my body and not have people question its validity," Jean said.

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