She said yes: Newspaper proposal helps put a ring on it

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SAINT JOHN • Nick Nunes knew he wanted to propose to Sara McQuade with a grand gesture, but in a global pandemic with limited options, he decided a letter to her would be best. It just so happens that letter was published in the province's daily newspaper.

On Saturday, Nunes proposed to his girlfriend of almost a year by having the Telegraph-Journal delivered with room service at the Saint John hotel they were staying in. He asked McQuade to look at the paper for things to do.

Little did she know, that within the newspaper was a full-page advertisement asking McQuade to marry him.

"It took me so much by surprise," said McQuade, who said yes to the proposal after Nunes got down on one knee with a gold ring.

Nunes said he was happy and relieved that the hundreds of hours he put into planning the proposal – many times after McQuade had already gone to sleep for the night – had worked out.

"I knew that I wasn't going to let this one get away," he said.

Although the couple had already discussed getting married, McQuade said she had no idea Nunes planned to propose on Saturday.

The couple met each other at the McAllister Goodlife gym in November 2019 while Nunes, who lived in Toronto at the time, was home visiting family. They had known each other through mutual friends since high school, but once they started chatting, they decided to get some coffee together.

Nunes was smitten, but for McQuade, it was a longer process.

"He really just kind of stayed consistent and sweet," she said. "And it was just apparent to me that he just kept doing things and he always wanted to take me on these very romantic and beautiful dates, and so it was something I guess I couldn't really help."

Nunes and McQuade started officially dating on Jan. 3, but when the pandemic struck, they moved in together in McQuade's apartment in Rothesay.

McQuade said Nunes has always been a grand gestures type of person.

At one point, in February, he took her for multiple Valentine's Day dates in one. He took her to a hockey game with both their favourite teams, they visited Niagara Falls and then went to a Boyz II Men concert.

After he came across the idea of the newspaper ad proposal, Nunes said he reached out the Telegraph-Journal and Hilton Saint John to assist him with his idea.

Before Saturday's proposal, the couple had dinner at Italian by Night and went to the Punchlines Comedy Club Friday.

Nunes said McQuade is a kind person who is emotionally intelligent, funny and brings out the fun side of him. Meanwhile, McQuade described her fiance as logical, helping to balance her emotional nature and keeping her grounded.

"We are best friends. Like we sing and dance in the car," McQuade said. "We dance at home all the time. We just had a snowball fight yesterday.

"We're just really that couple."

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Caitlin Dutt, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Telegraph-Journal