Shediac votes to build new town hall

·1 min read

Shediac town council has decided to begin the search for a new town hall.

The lease on the current town hall, which also includes town offices and a library, expires at the end of this year.

Council voted 5-3 on Monday to seek a loan for the project from the municipal capital borrowing board.

"The rest of the process basically will include a tender call for contractors to bid," said Mayor Roger Caissie. "That'll be coming down a little bit thereafter."

Caissie didn't vote on the measure, since mayors only vote in the case of a tie, but he did express his concerns about the project.

Caissie said the town has a lot of infrastructure priorities, and a new town hall would come with a hefty price tag, about $7 million.

But he conceded the current location has some problems and suggested age might be one.

"You know, it's nearly a 20-year-old building," Caissie said.

"It's showing some signs of age, same as any other building when we're getting on in age and our lease is expiring at the end of this year, 2021. So, you know, no matter what council needed to, you know, pick a path forward somewhere there."

Caissie said residents are split on the idea of building a new town hall.

No tax hike is planned to help with the cost of the project.

"It's going to come out of the budget essentially … there is room for that," said Caissie.