Shelburne Police officer honoured, saves local woman’s life after overdose

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She was gone,” said Police Const. Cory Courtney recalling the incident where he administered naloxone for resuscitation.

Shelburne Police Service (SPS) PC Cory Courtney, earlier this year, was working a night that he describes as “fairly quiet” when he responded to a call for a female not showing vital signs due to a suspected overdose. With an ambulance close behind and with less personal protective equipment (PPE) to put on, PC Courtney administered naloxone and initiated CPR, successively helping resuscitate the women.

“Some signs of life were starting to come back, she was starting to make some noise and some color was starting to come back to her,” said Courtney. “This narcan is just such a miracle drug. To be able to save somebody like that was just amazing. That stuff is just so incredible. I’m so happy we have it available to us.”

Courtney has now received a Community Excellence Award from Shelburne Town Council for his life saving efforts that night.

“On this 19th day of October, 2020 this certificate is presented as an expression of our appreciation for you heroic efforts to keep the Shelburne community and residents safe,” read Mayor Wade Mills in the presentation of the award. “The Town of Shelburne recognizes your outstanding contribution to the community, congratulations and thank you for your dedication.”

A police officer in Shelburne for almost 10 years, PC Courtney said that he’s never administered narcan in his career, but has done CPR multiple times, only being successful once back in 2012.

“She just came back slowly and it was pretty miraculous and then after, we got her conscious and breathing. Then she was transported via ambulance to the hospital,” said PC Courtney. “I was very happy to learn later that she survived.”

Speaking about the incident with the Free Press, PC Courtney who is quick to point out the work from paramedics said, “Saving people is the whole reason I got into this job, you want to save people and you want to help peole and it’s a really nice thing to be able to just to that and then to recognized and awarded on top of it is just spectacular.”

Paula Brown, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shelburne Free Press