Sherman Downey's 2 guitars stolen after Fredericton show

Corner Brook singer-songwriter Sherman Downey is facing a major setback near the end of his latest tour, after two of his prized guitars were stolen from his car following a show in New Brunswick.

Downey had just performed a sold-out show at the Corked Wine Bar in Fredericton Tuesday night, and he and a friend left to go get some food at a local restaurant.

Once he returned back to where he was staying later that night and opened his trunk, he realized both instruments had been swiped.

Downey posted about the theft on social media, and said people have been sharing it around, but so far the guitars haven't been found.

"They're the only two guitars I have that are good for gigs," he told CBC. "I haven't given up on them but hope is pretty low."

One of the guitars was a Martin D15M, which was worth more than $2,000 and had just been paid off by Downey a week before. The other was a Yamaha FG which he describes as a backup guitar, but still costs around $700.

"All in all, quite a punch in the guts at the end of a really good tour," he said. "Hopefully I can get back home, head above water."

Bad end to good tour

After spending Wednesday scouring pawn shops in Fredericton, Downey finally had to pack up and leave for Halifax for the final show of the tour.

He said he'll have to rent a guitar for that show at The Carleton, and can only hope he gets a call at some point with someone who has located his precious instruments.

"People have been offering up guitars. Rose Cousins just got in touch out of Halifax and said she lives next door to Long and McQuade and she'll go rent one," he said,

"So that's probably the route I'll go, I don't want to be scratching up other people's guitars."

In the meantime, Downey is just trying to focus on ending his tour on as positive of a note as possible, given the circumstances.

"I'm not known for having grumpy or brooding shows, but I'm kind of wondering how tonight will go," he said. "Hopefully it turns up, that's all I can do. I'm leaving town without my two guitars, which sucks big time."