Sherri Shepherd's advice for parents with special-needs children: 'Really listen'

Actress, comedian and mom Sherri Shepherd recently spoke to Yahoo Life about raising a special-needs teenager — her 15-year-old son, Jeffrey — during the pandemic.

“My advice to parents that have children with special needs is to lean into them, really listen to them because they’ll talk to you,” Shepherd said.

As difficult as the past year has been for the two of them, there’s been a silver lining.

“I just started doing more things with Jeffrey,” she said. “We've never roller-skated together. We never rode a bike together.”

And especially when it comes to raising, and living with, a teenager, Shepherd says it’s important to have thick skin.

“If you got a teenager, I would say, ‘Parents, don't take it personally,’” she said. “They're just trying to find their way in this new normal. You're the safe space, you're the punching bag, you're the one that they love on at the end of the day.”

Watch more from Shepherd in the video above.