‘She's a Miracle': Toddler Learns to Walk After Undergoing Four Brain Surgeries

Seventeen-month-old Lennyn Lyons was all smiles as she took her first steps at home at Holiday, Florida, on February 14, after successfully undergoing four brain surgeries.

Mother Brianna Unger filmed an inspiring video of Lennyn learning to walk and posted it to her Twitter page. The video shows Lennyn standing up and starting to walk, using her arms to balance herself.

“Yeah, girl! Come on!” Unger can be heard saying in the video as she encourages the toddler who stumbles on the floor. Lennyn manages to stand up again and continues to walk.

Unger told Storyful that Lennyn suffered Hydrocephalus and PVL that were caused by a bilateral brain bleed when she was born. In the past 17 months, Lennyn had endured four brain surgeries to combat Hydrocephalus, sepsis, and a staph infection.

Owing to warnings from her daughter’s doctors, Unger said that the family feared Lennyn might never walk independently.

“She is a miracle,” Unger told Storyful. "Lennyn is the prime example of hard work and lots of love can move mountains and how resilient babies are. " Credit: Brianna Unger via Storyful