Shiba Inu Jumps For Joy On A Backyard Trampoline

A funny video has emerged of a playful dog joyfully bouncing on a backyard trampoline. This pup acts like a little kid as it jumps and plays on a trampoline. Hilarious!

This is the hilarious moment when a cheeky dog decides to give the trampoline a try and hops on it for a bouncy ride! Footage shows a Shiba Inu pooch having a blast bouncing on a trampoline, continuously trying to figure out how the funny thing works! Cuteness overload!

Playing on a trampoline with four legs is trickier than it looks, so when this dog experiences the bouncing sensation of the trampoline it is dazzled and confused! Watching this video of a dog hopping on a trampoline will definitely put a smile on our face!

The moment this ecstatic pooch enters the trampoline, it starts running in circles, amazed by the tingling sensation of the bouncy movement happening under its feet. This little rascal has mastered the technique and doesn’t lose its balance, but continues to dance to the rhythm of Shakira, that owners put as background music to this adorable video, how suiting!

A commercial has been cheering up people around the world featuring a dog jumping around on a trampoline. It shows a Boxer dog jumping on a trampoline before his owner gets the chance to try it out. The commercial features the tagline ‘gifts that everyone will love.’

The two-minute clip starts off by telling the story of a girl who enjoys bouncing. After the girl goes to bed, the video shows her dad setting up a trampoline to surprise her on Christmas morning. However, the Boxer watches wildlife using the trampoline. When the girl wakes up and runs into the garden so she can try it out, Buster cuts her off and starts jumping on it.