Shields continues to question the carbon tax

With Canadians still struggling with finances due to inflation, the last thing they want is a tax increase. To try and help address this, MP for Bow River Martin Shields rose in the House of Commons during the oral question period on Nov. 4 to address the increase in carbon tax.

“Madam Speaker, farmers in my riding are paying hundreds, if not millions, of dollars in carbon tax. The Western Irrigation District’s year-over-year costs for fuel alone jumped by 53 per cent. This fuel runs irrigation that delivers water to crops so that families can get Canadian-grown food on their tables. The rebates the government always talks about do not even come to one-tenth of one per cent of the costs, and that is if the farms qualify. Why will the Liberals not give Canadian farmers some relief and cancel their plans to triple taxes on gas, groceries and home heating?”

Francis Drouin, MP for Glengarry— Prescott—Russell in Ontario as well as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food replied to Shields’ question with him saying, “Madam Speaker, we have always been there for farmers. We have always supported farmers. Unlike the Conservatives, we did not cut $500 million for farmers. We put $500 million back into the budget for farmers. As the hon. member knows, there is a fuel rebate charge that farmers get back for the price on pollution.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times