Shields dislikes travel being restricted

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With COVID-19 slowly becoming a distant memory, Canada is still maintaining restrictions on domestic travel for those individuals who are not vaccinated. Bow River MP Martin Shields discussed the concerns that he is hearing from his constituency on these lingering restrictions.

“One of the things I’m hearing a lot from the constituents is travel,” said Shields. “The restrictions on those people who haven’t had vaccine shots — we don’t agree with the government. As the rest of the world basically opened up domestic travel to their citizens, Canada is the only one that hasn’t and I think that has to go. We need to have our citizens travel domestically, whether they’re vaccinated or not. We’re hearing a lot of constituents that are very angry, very upset about travel, and then the restrictions on using the medical part of ArriveCAN, that’s also an issue. When travelling elsewhere, those kinds of things aren’t in place. A lot of people are contacting us because they want to get passports and they can’t. They want to travel domestically and if they’re not vaccinated, they can’t. We’re hearing a lot of people saying Canada is more restricted than any other country and on these issues they believe rightly so. Those things need to be changed so people domestically can travel and that we are able to facilitate access to passports. That has been a challenge for a lot of people. We’re hearing a lot on those particular issues.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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