Shields finds hypocrisy in Liberal’s stance on gun control

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With the nearly endless reports of shootings that come out of the United States, some may get complacent in the view that Canada is safe from gun violence due to our already existing laws restricting firearms. Martin Shields, MP for Bow River, took a moment to speak on how the federal government has tried to adjust the restrictions.

“The Liberals have tried a couple of things that just don’t work,” said Shields. “One is to buy back guns. They spent a couple of billion trying that last time — it didn’t work. They keep talking about doing it again, but they haven’t put it in place yet. They had an ordering council back here in May where they had about 1,500 different things put in with guns, which a lot of them didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t legislation, so we didn’t debate it. The gun bill that they finally got through was C-21. Most of it has to do with legal gun owners that have the license to own a gun. Those are checked by security — run through their security system on a daily basis.”

After that, Shields discussed how the majority of all illegal weapons coming into Canada is done through the United States, as well as how a lot of these weapons are already illegal.

“Most of the crimes committed in this country are done with illegal weapons and a lot of them, illegal handguns. The guns that are smuggled in from the US is huge. As with the worst mass murder we have in Canada, that guy brought guns that are illegal to own in Canada. The guns that he had, that he used, are already illegal to own in Canada. The handguns that he had were smuggled in. They keep talking about assault weapons. While the assault weapons they are talking about are illegal already in Canada since 1977.”

Shields then discussed how the Liberals are approaching gun control and their contradictory approach to it.

“What they want to do is basically criminalize legal gun owners, whether it’s the duck hunter, or whether it’s the rancher that has it as a tool that he needs in his business — shooting coyotes, or dealing with an animal that needs to be put down. Those are tools for ranchers with cattle, for hunters and rifles for hunting, whether it’s ducks, or large animals. The handguns, basically there will never be under that legislation you can never purchase — it hasn’t gone into effect, by the way, the legislation. You could never purchase another handgun in this country. It does nothing to stop the illegal handguns which is where the crimes are, but yet they put through a piece of legislation to decrease the penalties for people who commit crimes with guns. It’s house arrest. It makes no sense. They reduce the penalties for people who commit crimes with guns. That’s a piece of legislation, they approved, it makes no sense. Hypocrisy in my mind, and they didn’t go after the illegal guns.”

Shields ended the discussion by giving an example of some of the problems that we are currently facing when it comes to sneaking illegal weapons into Canada.

“A company in Québec — for some reason somebody got the wrong address and they shipped from a place in the States, went through the border clearance, and all the rest of it to the factory. This factory opened it — there were machine guns, assault weapons, and handguns in the thing. Went to the wrong address but it was one of two packages. No idea where the other one went. That’s the problem we’ve got — you can just mail them, let alone bring them in illegally with drones and boats, and all the rest of it. That’s what needs to be stopped and those who commit crimes with guns need to be penalized for it not saying they stay at home now.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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