Shields talks about this year’s harvest

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Despite the later start in the year for farmers, as well as facing some droughts, they have managed to come out to the other side, and are now reaping the fields. With this in mind, MP for Bow River Martin Shields was in town last month for Cornfest, and he discussed his views on this year’s harvest.

“The year in a sense started with some parts that didn’t have irrigation. It was very dry, the grasslands (were) dry to start with, but eventually we did get rain,” said Shields. “If you’re in an irrigation district, like we are here in this riding in particular, this area it was a critical piece of starting the season, and they started running water early, because it has been very dry — dry last year, but the snow pack was very good. The growth throughout the year with that water makes an incredible difference and there has been combine harvested started couple weeks ago/three weeks ago in some places so it’s well underway. Showered a little late as I stopped to talk with some of the farmers that couldn’t combine because the ground was a little tough and wet, but it’s starting to get rolling out there.”

Shields then proceeded to talk about some of the harvests that are underway, particularly discussing one that occurred in Vauxhall on Aug. 26.

“For example, in the area you have foodgrains bank harvest, and there’s about four in the area,” said Shields. “One will be tomorrow at Vauxhall, if it stays dry. Every year, one of the agricultural producers will donate a quarter section. They will all get together get it seeded will take care of that field, and then like tomorrow for harvest, probably 25 combines will show up from the neighbourhood, and they harvest it all in about three hours. That’s happening tomorrow close to Vauxhall with the foodgrains bank, and there’s about four in the area here. Volunteers will donate the equivalent value to the foodgrains bank. It’s one of those great things — so when you talk about harvest that’s one of those fields that will be harvested.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times