Shields’ view on Pride Month

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With June being Pride Month, Bow River MP Martin Shields has touched on why it’s still important to celebrate and recognize LGBTQIA2S+.

“Pride Month is fantastic, many celebrations, many things that will occur,” said Shields. “All people need to be respected, all lifestyles need to be respected for the choices that people make.”

Shields also went into more detail about his opinion on how all people should be respected regardless of their sexuality.

“People make a lot of choices with their lifestyle and I think, again, people need to be respected,” Shields said. “We respect people who follow the laws for whatever reason they are, if they break the laws then that is where things will occur to deal with people who break the laws. This is a lifestyle, this is not breaking the law and people need to be respected for their choices in their lifestyle and that’s what we should be doing.”

Finally, when Shields was asked if he was going to attend any pride related events during this month he replied.

“I’m not sure where they are or where they’ll be, and you know I’m in Ottawa,” Shields said. “We are not finished here till late in June, so I don’t know when events are and at. As far as I know, I don’t know at this point.”

Ian Croft, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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