Shiseido to Enter Wellness Field With New Inner Beauty Brand

TOKYO — Shiseido said Wednesday that it will make its first foray into the wellness field with the launch of a new brand, Shiseido Beauty Wellness, or SBW, from February.

In its initial stages the company will conduct joint research and development activities with Tsumura and Kagome for products sold in the Japanese market. From 2025, it will launch in other Asian markets, including China.

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“Going forward, SBW will work together with its partner companies, each a professional in their respective fields, to offer new beauty solutions created through bringing harmony to the skin, body and mind,” Shiseido said in a statement. “SBW will also engage in new market development by proposing this new beauty and wellness routine as ‘J-Beauty Wellness’ and communicate it globally.”

Shiseido aims to position itself as a “personal beauty wellness company” by the year 2030. In order to achieve this, the company is reinforcing its skin beauty brands, and now making steps to move into the “inner beauty” business. The company said that with recent changes in global environmental and social issues, seeking mental and physical well-being has become more important to more consumers.

“A Shiseido survey revealed that 74 percent of women in their 20s to 60s feel that the skin, body and mind are connected, and 72 percent think that it is necessary to take care of the body from the inside out in order to stay healthy and beautiful,” the company said. “In addition, 96 percent of Shiseido’s Personal Beauty Partners who offer beauty advice in stores, receive health and nutrition inquiries from consumers.”

Shiseido said the launch of its inner beauty business is the first step in responding to these changing customer needs.

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