SHL player attempts to fight opposition's entire bench during brawl

Malmo’s Marcus Sylvegard found himself right in the middle of that pile of  Farjestad BK players. (Screenshot//C More Sport)

You can either respect the courage of Marcus Sylvegard or shake your head at his stupidity.

The 19-year-old forward from the Malmo Redhawks of the Swedish Hockey League, the highest level of the sport in the country, displayed some real gusto early in his squad’s clash with Farjestad BK on Saturday.

During action in the first period, Malmo’s captain Fredrik Handemark was shepherded into Farjestad BK’s bench during a change. It was a strange sequence of events as the bench’s door was left open and, despite his best efforts, Handemark was shoved towards the temporary opening by a member of Farjestad BK.

That’s when the fireworks erupted and a bit of a brawl broke out. Before long, Sylvegard was in the Farjestad BK bench and swinging in the defence (?) of his teammate.

I have no idea what the commentators were saying while this was going on; however, it sounds like they were loving the theatrics of it all.

Once the dust settled, Sylvegard received a match penalty and was ejected from the contest for expertly throwing those hands all over the place. He could face further punishment, according to reporter Johan Svensson.

Unfortunately, his bravery didn’t give his side the inspiration that they needed as Farjestad BK went on to win an interesting one 3-1.

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