The shoegaze sound of Town House

Town House sounds a bit different than most bands on the live music scene in St. John's, says its singer and guitarist, Mellyssa Vey.

Vey, guitarist Curtis Smith, bassist Mike Dray, and drummer Tyler Stanley create music with a dreamy, introspective sound they define as shoegaze, a genre with its roots in English bands of the late '80s and early '90s.

"It's basically where a band is using a lot of pedal effects, where they're just kind of staring at their feet the whole time they're playing," explained Vey.

"We use a lot of reverb, a lot of delay, a lot of ambient sound."

Vey admitted that Town House audiences tend to be more low key than other audiences on the often raucous St. John's music scene.   

"Most [people] are just kind of swaying slowly and nodding their heads,"  said Vey.

"You'd best hear it [Town House's music] sitting down."

Have a listen to Mellyssa Vey's conversation with Weekend AM's Heather Barrett.  

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