Shooting incidents fell by 36 per cent in Surrey last year, RCMP say

Shooting incidents in Surrey are down — but crime stats need context, criminologist warns

The Surrey RCMP says there was a 36 per cent decrease in the number of incidents where shots were fired compared to 2017.

Sgt. Chad Greig, the force's media relations officer, said the statistic coveres any incident where police had to investigate whether a firearm was discharged in the city.

Grieg said the force is happy to see the decrease, which he says represents a 57 per cent decrease from 2015 where there 88 such incidents. 

"We saw a very high amount of shootings in 2015," Grieg said. "Since then we've been working diligently in the community through our education, prevention and enforcement."

Asked why the force was revealing the statistic this week, Grieg said it was part of a year-end review.

"It's the end of year and we just wanted to show the community that public safety is our number one priority, and look, here are the stats to show we are continuing to work hard for you in the City of Surrey," he said.

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum has pledged to replace the city's RCMP force — the largest detachment in the country — in favour of an independent, municipal police force. McCallum has claimed the RCMP force is understaffed and that the community is being under-served.

Surrey RCMP has said it will not participate in the transition operation.