Shopper dumbfounded by mysterious item in Zara package: 'Anyone out there that can tell me what this is?'

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A shopper is confused after buying a Zara outfit that came with a mystery item.

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Zara seems to come under fire often with customers — whether for the models’ bizarre poses or bold fashion statements.

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In this instance, TikToker Yasmin Taylor (@yasmin_logan) showed off her new Zara printed dress that, according to the item’s post online, came with a small bag. But the bag is so tiny, Taylor doubted it could really be considered a purse.

“Anyone out there that can tell me what this is?” Taylor captioned the video. “ZARA, I need to know wtf this is.”

The purse is a small pouch attached to four strings. In the video, Taylor tries to wear it as a mask (it’s too small) and demonstrates how her hand can’t even fit into it.

Commenters, on the other hand, did not disappoint and had a lot of fun guessing what Taylor could put in the bag.

“It’s for when you go to the shop for just one egg, you can carry it home safely in this,” one joked.

“Oh, that’s the purse I carry my last nerve in,” another wrote.

“Guys it’s clearly a purse for your hamster,” someone said.

Ultimately, in a follow-up video, Taylor decided the purse was the perfect size for a hat for her cat.

The reaction is similar to another TikToker who lamented over spending $900 on a designer purse that could only hold her phone.

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