Shoppers Confront Vegan Protesters in Auckland Supermarket Meat Aisle

Nationalist New Zealand MP Mark Patterson condemned a September 15 vegan protest at an Auckland supermarket, saying that “good law-abiding meat-eaters [were] being harassed by an iron-deficient mob.”

The protest, comprising a group of black-clad vegans with placards standing in front of the meat case of Countdown, a market in Westfield, St. Luke’s Mall, sparked anger from some customers, who can be seen in video footage swearing at them and saying such things as “I’m disgusted you guys are even here.”

This footage, filmed by Auckland resident Delta Wolfepine, shows demonstrators holding signs with messages such as “Stop Eating Animals” with tape over their mouths. One customer can be heard saying, “Unless you’re going to pay for my shopping, you can f—- off.” Clips of the protest went viral.

In an interview included within this footage, Deno Stock, one of the protest’s organizers, says, “I think that the way those animal parts have been put in the supermarket is far more extreme than what we’re doing. We’re not doing any damage to anything. We’re just standing with signs and raising awareness.” Credit: Delta Wolfepine via Storyful

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