Shortened 2nd St sidewalk means more Kerwood sidewalk

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With the County of Middlesex telling Adelaide Metcalfe staff it is safer to not build sidewalks on Second Street by a ravine and a busy Hickory Drive on the outskirts of north Strathroy, extra cash can be redirected to Kerwood.

The low bid for the shorter Second Street sidewalk now ending just east of Grogast Court came in at $127,642 plus HST from Autoform Contracting London Ltd., less than half the bid from Neptune Security Services Inc. The original budget before the downscaling was $270,000.

There will also be no lighting on the Second Street sidewalk. The reasons given by public works manager Coulter Cahill at the Sept. 6 council meeting included Hydro One delaying the project if it included lighting, and other sidewalk segments around Strathroy on Napperton Drive, Pike Road and Centre Road not needing lighting. It will be reviewed if that is the case on Second after the work is done, scheduled for Oct. 21.

The money will be put to connecting sidewalk along Kerwood Road to the north end of Kerwood Park.

Chris Gareau, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner