Show your National Voter Registration Day pride with Yahoo News’ AR filter

Julia Munslow
·2 min read

It’s National Voter Registration Day and time for prospective American voters to share their excitement about participating in the 2020 election.

With fewer than 50 days to Election Day, it’s time to register to vote. In 2018, a record 800,000 Americans registered to vote on National Voter Registration Day. This year, voter turnout could be higher than ever before, with 83 percent of American voters saying that the winner of the presidential race “really matters.”

The new Yahoo News AR face filter lets Americans – including more than 50 sports stars – show how excited they are to vote with an innovative virtual version of a voting sticker.

Here are the simple steps for using the AR face filter:

  1. After registering to vote, click on this link on your phone or desktop web browser.

  2. Give the AR experience access to your camera.

  3. A brightly colored “I registered” sticker will appear on your face. Try out a few poses and take some photos!

  4. Save the photo to your computer.

  5. Share the photo on social media to show your friends and family that you’re committed to voting in the presidential election and encourage them to register to vote with you.

Now that you’ve registered to vote, here’s more information about how to vote — early, safely and by mail in all 50 states.


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