'Sign Me Up': Critics Think Sean Hannity Has Perfect Argument To Vote For Biden

Sean Hannity on Wednesday mocked efforts by President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign to attract younger voters.

But critics thought the Fox News personality had actually made a great case for that demographic to vote the current president back into office.

Biden’s campaign is “rapidly deteriorating” and is now resorting to “very desperate pandering” in a bid to attract voters, railed Hannity, who is a staunch supporter of former president and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“You can’t make this up. How are they trying to attract young voters? With beer and birth control. Free beer. Free birth control. And, I guess, free college tuition. ‘Vote for us,’” Hannity sneered.

Hannity later summarized the Biden campaign’s messaging as: “Beer and birth control and free college. What a nice deal. Please vote for us.”

Critics, though, thought the messaging sounded pretty good — especially when compared with the GOP’s war on abortion and reproductive rights: