Signs approved for local cannabis store

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A local retail cannabis stores will now be able to advertise their dispensary to potential customers.

During their meeting on April 11, Shelburne Town Council approved a sign variance application from Golden Tree Cannabis to have three signs connected to their business.

Located at 735 Industrial Road, Green Tree Cannabis, is housed in the same building as local gym, Trainer Games Fitness, and is also owned and operated by the same people. The cannabis retail store is situated on the south side of the building with both access from the exterior and the gym.

In the application to Town Council, Green Tree Cannabis requested to have two signs as well as directional sign for their business. The owner’s proposed a sign with the business’ name “Green Tree Cannabis” to replace an existing one for the gym on the south facing side of the building towards Main Street East, and a cannabis logo sign also be placed on the same building side. The directional sign was pitched to be located on the north side of the building with the intent to point people travelling from that direction to the entrance.

While both the “Green Tree Cannabis” and logo sign were permitted, concerns were raised by town staff regarding the size of the directional sign located on the opposite side of retail stores entrance.

“The question is, is that more advertising signage than is reasonably appropriate for this property? Is it keeping with the intent of the bylaw or should there be some restrictions?” said Town Planner, Steve Wever. “From our analysis, what we’ve determined is that in our view there is a little bit more signage proposed here than the bylaw is contemplating for this kind of property. Namely, I would suggest that the directional sign that is proposed on the north elevation of the building is larger than what we would normally consider a directional sign. The largest part of that sign is not the arrow it’s the product the business is selling.”

Council also shared similar concerns regarding the size of the directional sign.

“I’m a firm believer that we should give our businesses every opportunity to succeed certainly within the scope of what is allowable and I would agree with you,” said Deputy Mayor Steve Anderson. “I’m glad what is being recommended is subject to conditions because when I was looking at the sign, I was thinking it’s pretty large for a directional sign.”

“It’s not going to take more than one or two trips past it to know that’s where the cannabis store is,” said Coun. Lynda Buffet. “I don’t think you need that big of a sign.”

It was recommended by the town planner that the directional sign be reduced to about half the size and half the height.

Council approved the sign variance on the basis of the town planner’s recommendation.

Paula Brown, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shelburne Free Press

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