Signs big enough to answer questions about Twamley Manor Apartments

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NORTH PERTH – Council approved a request on June 7 from Skyline Living, developer of Twamley Manor Apartments, to install a series of temporary signs to promote rentals of the two 59-unit apartment buildings currently under construction west of Highway 23 in Listowel.

The developer requested permission to place two 96 square-foot signs, two 200 square-foot signs and one 40 square-foot sign on the property for up to one year. The current North Perth sign bylaw permits “for sale” or “for rent” with a maximum size of 8.6 square feet and only one such sign per lot.

Municipal staff recommended council approve the request from Skyline Living.

Coun. Allan Rothwell noted this is a significant change to the sign bylaw requirements and asked if staff will need to review or modify the sign bylaw. He wondered if 59-unit apartment buildings are not contemplated by the current North Perth bylaw.

Chief Building Official Ed Podniewicz said staff could examine existing bylaws to see if there are amendments which could be made.

“What I would add to that is we probably don’t get this type of request very often as we don’t have this type of construction taking place very often so this is kind of a one-off or an unusual request,” he said. “I can see why they need the size and scope of the signs to promote rentals of properties. It’s a fairly large construction project that they’ve undertaken.”

“I agree with your comment,” said Rothwell. “It’s probably not something that was contemplated under our bylaw. Although we may see something like it in the future I suspect we’re not going to see something of this size for some time.”

Coun. Terry Seiler said he has a lot of people asking about the development going on across from Wal-Mart.

“I think that with these signs it will answer a lot of questions,” he said. “It’s only for one year. I think that’s a good thing and this will help the people understand what’s going to be available there… I think it’s a great idea.”

Podniewicz said he had requested more information from Skyline Living about their marketing which they had not provided by the time of the meeting. From the design of the signs and pictures he has access to, he assumed the rental units are geared towards seniors.

Mayor Todd Kasenberg raised concerns that the signs may deteriorate, fade or get damaged.

“In our general requirements in our current sign bylaw we do have provisions for enforcement of signs that are deteriorating or in bad shape or they are a safety issue,” said Podniewicz.

Kasenberg confirmed that all of the other conditions would continue to apply to the signs.

Council voted in favour of allowing the oversized signs for a period of one year.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner

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