Simon Cowell disgusted by out-there 'AGT' act: 'It was horrific. Absolutely horrific'

The live quarterfinals continued on America's Got Talent with 12 more acts taking the stage, including Johnny Showcase. The performer, who describes himself as an "entertainer, singer, songwriter, a mover, shaker, music-maker, a part-time lover, and a full-time parent," brought all the funk to the AGT stage on Tuesday, along with a band, backup singers and an enormous octopus displayed on the digital screen behind him, which brought a lot of confusion to judge Sofia Vergara.
"I don't know what is happening tonight," said Vergara. "Everybody is going crazy. I felt like you guys lost your essence. There was some much going on. What does the giant octopus have to do with anything? Something happened. To me it didn't click like the last time. I felt the last time there was comedy. There was comedy the last time, I couldn't feel it tonight."

The Philadelphia-based performer is quite the character. In fact, during the audition round, Simon Cowell called it one of his favorite acts this year. However, on Tuesday night, the act wasn't quite tentacling Cowell and Howie Mandel's fancy.

While Howie Mandel attempted to give them the benefit of the doubt, as he stated, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it. You showed up the first time and gave us a great comedic song. This was not funny. I think they were trying to be serious this time." When Heidi Klum, who loved the performance, said they were still being comedic, Mandel responded, "Then I didn't get the joke. I'm not good with jokes."

Meanwhile, Cowell gave the most Simon Cowell response, when he bluntly stated, "It was horrific. Absolutely horrific. Honestly, you were so good the first time. This song about octopus was horrible. I mean, the worst song I have ever heard on a live show."

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