Simon Fraser University cuts Aboriginal transition program

Simon Fraser University cuts Aboriginal transition program

Students and teachers opposed to cuts to the Aboriginal transitional program at Simon Fraser University have started an online petition.

The Aboriginal University Transition Program had been in place since 2010. According to the school's website, the program is currently on pause as the school pursues new approaches.

Program helped with transition into post-secondary

The program helped Aboriginal students pursue post-secondary education.

Natalie Knight was an instructor in the program. She said the program was unique.

"Alongside indigenous voices and indigenous knowledge, we take in perspectives from the fields of education, psychology, and philosophy," said Knight. "We're really trying to do something that very few other programs in the country actually offer."

Declining enrolment to blame: SFU

The Vice President of Academics, Peter Keller, said it was a difficult decision, but there has been a decline in enrolment in the program.

"To allow a program to continue, which doesn't  attract the numbers, it's unsustainable," said Keller. "To allow students to keep enrolling would be the irresponsible thing to do."

Knight says the program is capped at 12 students, and they were short by three students this year, and only one short the year before.